Wifi Connection


Hi - I’ve encountered an oddity - my son’s Kano stopped connecting to our home wifi yesterday - tried rebooting the device and the router, but no change. Kano can connect to the Wifi network in the dialogue box, but when you return to the homescreen, there is a notification that there is no internet and that it is not connected to a network.

Two things:

  1. When I tried to tether the Kano to my cell phone, it worked and was able to maintain the connection.
  2. When I take the parental controls settings from High to Medium, the Kano can maintain the wifi connection. (Note it is Ultimate that restricts all access to the internet).

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance!


I have a slightly different problem where I tether my computer kit touch to my cell phone and it looses connection unless I also tether to my laptop at the same time. It’s like the kit alone can’t keep the link from being lost. I haven’t seen the parental control settings you mention.


Hi @barold,

The wi-fi setup on the Raspberry Pi 3 is not as strong as setups found in more powerful computers, tablets, or even smart phones.

So it may just be that you need to move a little closer to the wifi router to maintain a stable connection.

The change with parental controls is a weird one… will check in with engineering.




@pfeifer the Parental control settings are under the advanced settings option under settings.

I received a suggested fix from Kano that was to help the computer remember its last Wifi connection - but unfortunately I still maintain a connection to the home wifi network if the Parental controls are set to High. Medium allows the connection though.