Where is this Kano Dashboard I keep hearing about?

Hi, hoping someone can tell me that I’m doing wrong… My son just got the Kano PC. We set it all up as per the booklet but at the moment it is just a standard Windows computer with a couple of Kano apps in the startup menu. According to the Kano website is should boot up with a Kano dashboard? All the troubleshooting guides assume this is already the case and I can’t find any assistance on how to get this dashboard if that makes sense. Can anyone assist with where I’m going wrong please? Thanks

The Kano dashboard is only for Kano os and does not apply to the Kano PC. There Kano PC just runs standard windows 10 with a couple extra apps from Kano to code and learn about your computer. Tell me if you have any more questions!

I’m pretty sure whilst researching Kano PC before buying & when the Kano box arrived That it didn’t say “only run by standard windows” and be pretty sure that if it did you would have sold a lot less, so thanks for professional input.


I don’t work for Kano, that is just based on what I know from researching. On their blog it says it’s a computer with windows 10 in s mode, so it’s basically regular windows 10 but you can only run apps from Microsoft store.