What's the future of Pi based Kano since Kano PC is coming?

Few concerns:

  1. I read in a few threads that it’s a huge overhead for Kano engineers to maintain compatibility with new editions of Raspberry Pi.
  2. Then again there is this fund from Microsoft and the priority shifts to Kano PC.
  3. I’m also seeing discounts in all RPi based existing Kano models in Amazon for several months, prices came down to all time low.
  4. There is no news of any upcoming RPi 4 based Kano.
  5. Kano PC is being priced very close to the Computer Kit Touch model. It’s clear that the team wants us to buy the Kano PC model.

I’m a software engineer myself. I want to raise my kid teaching on open *nix based platforms, at least as their first one, Windows can come way later. Is RPi based Kano still an option for me? I haven’t bought one yet, planning to do so in a few months during my kid’s 6th birthday. Is Kano OS for RPi going to be maintained in parallel to the Windows based platform with equal priority?