What is the process that Kano OS apps are applied to Raspbian?

I have recently tried to install Kano OS on to Raspbian, light and normal ( on a pi 4 ), and failed miserably (I did add the repos and key). I installed nearly everything containing the word Kano. I also had to edit a python file checking that it is a Pi 3b or higher to return true to allow booting. It would then boot up fine, and show the Kano splash screen, and then boot normally. I could not get it to work in the end :frowning_face:. I have even tried to copy and override the files of Raspbian lite on-top of the latest Kano OS, making it bootable but still also having they systemctl files needed to start Kano OS (supposedly), yet it gave the same result.

I was wondering what is done to raspbian to make it into Kano OS, as I was hoping to replicate it.

Many thanks!

(If you could also explain why my original attempts did not work it would be appreciated.)