What is the default root password?


What is the default root password?

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Hi @yttrium - on Kano OS, the default password is kano

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@chris -

Based on everything I have read, it is highly recommended for a Raspberry Pi user to change their default user password to improve security and help prevent unwanted third party access to the system.

If a Kano OS user wants to change the default user password using the command passwd in terminal as described on raspberrypi.org here, will all applications, functions, etc of the Kano OS still work correctly?

If yes, then will changing the default user password still allow system updates to be applied as expected?

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Hey @flyingtacos,

Just checked in with the engineering team, and they confirm that there isn’t anything in Kano OS that’s expecting to use either the root or user passwords, that won’t prompt you for them first.

And you can change the passwords (both for user and root), and the OS will still allow system updates to be applied as expected.

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Thanks! That’s what I expected to be the case, but it was better to ask first.

I have successfully changed the one user account’s password on my daughter’s Kano OS setup by opening the Terminal app, using the passwd command, and then after switching to the root user with the command sudo su, I also changed the root user’s password, again with the passwd command. Since the Kano OS gives superuser (sudo) permissions to the main user’s account, I used the same new password in both cases.

Since Secure Shell (SSH) access is an easily enabled option in the Kano OS settings, and people are encouraged to log in to and use Google and other account services, there is a very real security risk by leaving the user password as the default of “kano”.

With this in mind, can I suggest that Kano post a tutorial thread here explaining how to change one’s Kano OS user’s password? And/or also adding an Support FAQ article on help.kano.me?

Perhaps Kano can even incorporate a challenge or basic lesson in computer user security, which takes them through the steps of changing their user password and discusses the use of SSH to access remote machines via a terminal connection. These are very important topics that any budding coder should know about.