What else can we do with the Kano Computer

My French speaking daughters (11 and 8) haven’t been able to use the Kano specific content due to language barrier. I was under the impression the story mode was available in french but turns out is is only the storybooks. If there was an i18n list I could simply ad my own translation, but it doesn’t seem available.

Now I’m wondering that since these computers are just sitting there since last Christmas I could maybe upload a new OS that would be more suitable for them or maybe there are apps available in french?

I’m not interested in Apps like youtube , more like game or learning.
Ideally without the ability to go online, because the parental control haven’t been efficient keeping them safe.

Thanks! Emilie

Hi Emilie,

I’m have the same barrier for either German or Dutch. For the moment my daughter and I use the Kano together so I can translate. It also keeps the computer-use-time in check :wink:
I found this on the internet -> https://raspberry-pi.fr/
Since my French is non-existent apart from a oui and a non I can’t tell you if it’s any good though. I suggest you check it out to see if it mentions a Raspbian in the French language and use the tutorials on the site to start bare-bones coding instead of using the Kano apps.

Kano mentioned to me the Pi4 should fit the casings so a hardware upgrade is possible to stay up-to-date for now.

I’m interested to hear if this works for you, since I’m considering doing the same.

Kind regards,

The pi4 would work with the Kano computer kit(but not Kano OS), but a quick warning from Chris from Kano:

“Quick heads up:

The Pi4 gets hot… and the enclosures for the Kano Computer Kit Complete, Computer Kit Touch, and Computer Kit were not designed with the heat of the Pi4 in mind.

Be mindful that you may cause damage to other components if they get too hot.”

Then make a small fan that mounts on the back of the Pi 4, I would recommend it.