Welcome to the forums!


Hi, this is David, Head of Communications at Kano.

If you’ve been a long-time Kano supporter, you might recall we had forums at some point. We loved them but they were not working as we intended so we had to sunset them. But today, we’re bringing them back! Newer, sleeker, faster forums for you all to use.

Go ahead, start sharing your favorite creations, send us your hacks, tips and tricks for your Computer Kit. Have any questions? Reach out for help on our support forum. Are you into software development? We have the Developer’s corner right here for you. Are you a teacher looking for help to get Kano into your curriculum? Discuss with other teachers here.

If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback about the forum structure, you can leave us a comment here.

We’re very excited to share this space with you! Welcome to the Kano Forums.




@David, this is already one of my favorite places on the interwebs! Thank you <3


Great to see this coming back! Great stuff @David :+1:


Hi, brand new to Kano and wondering about interactivity between the computer and other Scratch programmable hardware (such as the mBot by MakeBlock) using the wi-fi connection. Is that sort of thing possible or does that require a PC or Mac or some such? Thanks


Hi @pjdc2410. It’s definitely doable, we haven’t done it ourselves but others have. Check out these tutorials:

https://codingkids.nl/raspberrypi-mbot-connect.html (This requires translation).

Hope this helps!


Howdy everyone! I doubt many of you would remember me. I used to be a very active member in the Kano community. Currently, I’ve been working on learning C# programming and developing in the Unity3D engine.


Very cool stuff @DJPMcG. And it was only yesterday you were starting your journey with a Computer Kit!


Haha! I remember my kano kits. I have one in my room. I may mess around with it a bit when I get home.