Ways of sharing creations to classmates and teachers



Hi There

We have recently purchased the touch kit which we absolutely love, my son is loving all the new tools at his disposal. Although he is only 7, he often gets given project work which is done at home and on any media of his choice. One such project was to design a castle, he did this on mine craft with screen record and supplemented it with hard copy research and a SD card of the video insert of him doing a walk through. It went down well with the teachers as it broke the mould some what of toilet rolls and paper mache.

here is the question

If we wanted to tackle a project like this in the Kano scripting tools OR Scratch, for something interactive for the kids and teachers to play with. What is the way to do it for both platforms?

for example, could he bring a touch example in on his cheap android device in anyway? or via the web interface?



anyone interested in this topic I have found a video here

I have not tried it yet but will at the weekend