Wand Pre-order Motion Sensor?


PC World mentions wand preorders shipped with
motion kit. Noticed while searching for challenges.
These components are complementary? (32 vs. 64)
Makers me angry I’ve given away my 2nd wand.
Have A Nice Day,

Kano - a product history (and download links)

It’s been done before a la’ EVGA SR-2 A1 ECP v.3.
The reviewers see a fuller product. :slight_smile:


Hi @Ciaodun,

When the Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit went on pre-order, there was a “while supplies last” offer, that included a Motion Sensor Kit as part of the pre-order.

The products are not complimentary (they use different versions of Kano Code).

Hope that helps? :slight_smile:



I’d live to maker up that disparity in hardware
however I’m plenty predisposed /my masterpiece.
TY muchly