Using our Kano (Pi 3) as a Streaming Device

Is there any way to get a full browser instead of Chromium on our Kano to enable us to use streaming services with our older television?

Youtube works swell with our Kano. But the Chromium browser restricts viewing of DRM streams? Apparently, installing Widevine on Raspbian OS allows Netflix to stream, for example, but will that work with Kano OS?

Is there another option available, or is my Kano simply not going to work period?

You may be able to install chrome, try the software store, and then just use that. Chromium is a full browser, but has less of extra google code in it.

Alternatively, you could also try the Kodi app. It is a media center software, that can stream Netflix if the Netflix add-on is installed.

Is you want to carry on using chromium then you could try:

Press ctrl+alt+f2 to enter a terminal(or use a terminal app), and skip to step 2.