Using monitor w/HDMI to DVI cable, no sound


So, fun times trying to get my boys up and running. Got a Kano Computer Kit for each of them. Bought the HDMI to DVI cable recommended by Kano from Amazon. What I didn’t know is that you can’t just run sound thru the headphone jack without first removing the light ring! So I removed it, at least now the screen doesn’t flicker when there is sound.

Now I have some questions I’m hoping someone can help me out with…

  1. Is that the REAL solution? We can’t use the light ring? The boys were impressed by it and it also has the power button on it.
  2. Which leads me to question 2…no power button? So how do I turn it now? I have to unplug the power and plug it back in every time we want to use it??
  3. And finally…after all this, the display at least works, but there is still no sound on my speaker. Anyone know how the heck we’re supposed to hear any thing? What am I missing?

What I did…

  • Hooked up to a LCD monitor with the recommended HDMI -> DVI cable from Amazon
  • Following this guide (, I powered off the computer, removed the light ring, put it back together and plugged in the speaker
  • Changed the audio settings from HDMI to analog and applied the change
  • Hooked up speaker I verified is working
  • Still no sound


Hi @kanoDad,

Just to answer your questions:

  1. That is the real solution, the light ring/power button Raspberry Pi Hat has to be removed for audio to work through the headphone jack.

  2. Without the power button, you need to shut down the OS when you are finished, and then unplug/turn off at the wall. This is the normal experience for most Raspberry Pi users, as the Pi does not ship with a power button.

3)That is strange… have you tried out alternative speakers/headphones to see if any sound is coming through at all?

Would you be able to confirm with version of Kano OS you’re using too please?




I have exact same problem after going through same steps. I’m on Kano OS Hopper v4.20 which I installed to fix the out of the box problem where it wouldn’t work with my display. Display works fine now but not getting analog audio to work even after light ring is removed and settings changed to analog audio.