Using a standard UK keyboard on a Kano

I’m trying to use a USB-connected UK keyboard on a Kano as the UK Kano keyboard I have seems to have an intermittent fault, but I can find no way of doing so as changing the keyboard language in Kano settings only seems to work with Kano keyboards. Is there a way of using a USB keyboard with a standard UK layout on a Kano? The keyboard I have is an hp one and also has a number keypad. Here’s hoping someone out there can help please!

Hi @macrabbit, welcome to the forums and apologies for the delay in getting back to you.

There is a option on the Settings area to change the layout, but you should try changing without the Kano Keyboard Dongle connected, as this will make the computer revert to US layout by default. Try that and let us know if that worked for you?


Hi David. Many thanks for your reply and I’m sorry I haven’t got back to you before now.

Your suggestion worked. Many thanks.


No worries, happy to see it worked for you!