Update old Kano


I’ve put my Kano bought in 2016 back in service. I guess there has been some major software updates since then.

Is it possible to launch an upgrade from Kano? If yes where from (I didn’t find that Update app)

Thanks for you help

I don’t know how to update within Kano itself, maybe by a software store. (I have not used it yet (I’ve been failing to get it working on a pi 4)) This may not be enough of an update, I don’t know. You may also just be able to do sudo apt update and then sudo apt upgrade in a terminal (press ctrl+alt+f2). But I don’t know if you are supposed to do that.

You could just download & install the the latest version(computer required):
You should be able to download the latest version for your kit here:

And then follow these instructions here:


Thanks a lot for the reply.

As I’m doing remote support, I won’t get the chance to access the SD card and no laptop available there (or skills to upgrade).


I’m sorry. I am a bit confused. Can you explain why you do not have access to the micro SD cards? Are you remoting into it somehow?

Kano is with my son, I’m trying to help him remotely to install LibreOffice…