Unsupported screen error

Hi. Just opened a brand new kano computer kit without a screen and my children put it together and attempted to connect it to our TV without success: they get an unsupported mode error. I then attempted to connect it to 3 different TV’s and monitors with the included HDMI cable and got similar messages.

For a child’s kit, i find this very frustrating. I’m not a raspberry Pi guy, but i’m well versed in electronics.

Anyone have similar issues?

PS>… i tested the brand new power supply that came with the kit and its faulty… Inconsistent fluctuating power. It died 5 minutes after writing this post. Unfortunately, that has no effect on our initial problem… We can’t see anything on the screen.

Hi @lokiwraith,

Sorry to hear that your new Kano Kit is not behaving!

Please submit a support request to our care team through https://help.kano.me and they’ll get you up and running!