Trying to Summon Broomstick - cant open objects tray! please help

My kids are using their Harry Potter Coding Wand. They are on the Quiddich Pitch challenge where they have to summon a broomstick. We are able to open the EVENTS folder on the top left and drag the coding block into the space. But when the directions say to open the next folder underneath (the OBJECTS folder), nothing happens. We have closed and reopened, restarted…nothing. It just continually blinks that orange dot to show us that this is the next step, but doesn’t allow us to do it. Any ideas? Thank you!

Can you share a picture or video of what you’re seeing?

I have the same problem on my mac. If i click on “object” on the list on the left no dropdown opens.

Afterwards the whole menu on the left is freezed, i can’t click on any of the other list object like “control”, “Logic” and so on.

This is really annoying :frowning:

I am having this exact same problem (on iPad). The objects folder appears to be empty, we can’t open it in the free editor either. Sometimes after a lot of tapping it appears to open to the size of 5 items or so (slightly darker background so you can tell) but there is nothing in it. This is blocking her progress and is very demotivating. Help please!