Time to move on from kano


So I’ve been using kano kits and worked with kano for a few years. I’ve beta tested some projects of theirs and seen some early look into things. Even made a video with their former staff member, Mathew Keegan. Sadly the video file got corrupted and couldn’t be uploaded to youtube. lol. Kano was a huge part of my life and I will never forget it. But it’s now time for me to start a new part of my life. I was also in a wired article for Kano. They were also going to do a BBC episode on me and Kano but BBC canceled that. Such a shame…

Why am I posting it here you ask? Well to share my story with all of you parents! And besides, I doubt many kids would see this or understand it even if they did see it.

I just feel like I’ve grown out of Kano over the years. Haven’t contacted them in awhile. It’s time for me to start my own projects. I’ve been trying to start a game company with my friends. I will actually start programming things probably during college and get more people on board with the project.

My thoughts on Kano? It’s a great tool for little kids how to learn how to code but I wish they had things for teenagers too. Like more powerful devices to run latest game engines like Unity3D and Kano could teach you how to program in C# and C++. I would so use Kano’s products if they did something like that. The community? I felt like it got worse over the years and is slightly starting to get better. It was great when Kano first came out when everyone would create these magnificent creations. Then it got to kids just drawing a circle and getting a “staff pick” for it. The comments also got toxic with little kids using their little kid “swears” like “poop” and “crap” because they thought it was so called “funny”. I now have moderated on games and I just find this behavior immature. The comments were also full of massive character uses that were not needed in my opinion.

I miss the old days, not going to lie. It was nice. I met some cool people on Kano’s platform.

My best experience and most memorable one too with Kano was getting to be able to go to their Head Quarters in london and meeting all the staff.

I just can’t see my path heading down with Kano anymore. I’ve grown out of it and I need to try something new and that’s more for me.

I know this isn’t the most important topic in the world but I just wanted to let this all out.

Kano staff, feel free to email me if you ever want to catch up on things or just talk. :slight_smile:

I hope you all have a wonderful day!

this is Patrick, signing off.


Hi Patrick,

Thanks for sharing your story!

Three years ago, on my first day working at Kano, I got an email from the CEO telling me about “our best and most active creator”: DJPMcG. Seeing your Make Art creations and feedback on the fledgling ‘Make Apps’, I quickly found out how true that was.

You’re absolutely right that over the last few years we’ve been very focused on helping beginners (often younger kids) write their first lines of code. That means there is – for now – a natural point for some of our community to move on to more advanced tools like Unity or C++.

We have been working on a few things to help take everyone further in their coding journey: the Kano PC is launching soon, we’ve recently renewed our focus on community moderation and engagement, and we’re still working on better ways to introduce typed code. The team are working hard on new ways to keep our more advanced makers challenged.

Thank you for the time, energy, and passion you poured into Kano. Your input made a huge difference to the team here and to the community. It’s awesome to hear that you’re starting a games company: I can’t wait to see what you make next!



Hey Mike!

I’ll gladly keep you guys posted in what I create next.

I’ll post it on the forums. Currently I’m trying to start up a game company and Android tools apps company. Will start working more on it probably in college (2 years from now).

I might keep a little bit up to date on kano.me to see if there are any cool products you guys make that will interest me and maybe buy it and be active a little for that time being.

I also might do one last project on Kano world if I have the time to do it so stay tuned for that!