The Raspberry Pi 4 is here - Will the Kano OS work on it?

the problem is that 4.2.1 image is no longer exists on server :frowning:

Hmm, you’re right. I know it was there when I posted the link as that is where I got the link from, they must have removed it. I’m not sure why but I guess it if it was there they may think that they need to support it.

@chris Can you guys put the 4.2.1 image back up as it seems to work better on unsupported configs like the Pi4? We’re not expecting support for it.

Hi Gabriel,

I can ask!

I believe it was removed from the server, as you need the current version to be able to use any Kano online services - we had a huge infrastructure upgrade, including an update to our COPPA setup.

Is there any notification list or feature request that I can sign up for in aid of continued development on the RPi platform? I have zero interest in using a closed source platform to educate my kids, so the Windows based one is a complete non-starter for me.

Hi @xmagusx,

Never say never, but as of now, the engineering team are not working on an RPi4 build of Kano OS. Focus is very much on the Windows 10 based Kano PC.

So abandoning your supporters and not providing a RPi4 pathway. Ummmm. Ok. Not what I was expecting.

Past purchases from Kano: four computer kits, four Harry Potter wands, two motion kits, Star Wars force, Frozen 2 motion, and that array of LED thing.

The Kano PC is wonderful.I know because I have one.You should try it.

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The PS may be great. But you are missing the point, I like many others have a lot invested in the Pi platform. I have purchased 3 of the Kano Touches, 2 of the PI 3 computers, 1 Screen kit, 3 motion kits, 3 pixel kits and 2 Harry Potter wands.
So do you think that I should just toss them out and start over?

Motion,pixel and Harry Potter wand is compatible with kano pc,so you don’t have to start over with those.If you like kano os,don’t get rid of old kits.


I currently have 25 Pi 3 computers in a lab and would love to upgrade each to a Pi 4 if I can have them run Kano OS. Granted, I wouldn’t be paying Kano for the hardware, but we do have a number of wands and will also be looking at the PCs for our station tables. Some sites that students visit are a bit laggy because of the older hardware, so the Pi 4 would definitely have enough power to run them without issues. The reason I would want Kano OS instead of another OS is because it is much easier for our students to navigate. I have had students in grades Pre-K-5 navigating Kano OS without much issue.We have used Pi-Net in the past, but it wasn’t as user friendly, especially for the younger students!! I’ll be keeping an eye on this topic in case something does happen. Thanks to all trying to get this working, and to Kano, thanks for the great software and creative hardware to get students in to coding! I hope you guys reconsider updating your OS to support Buster and the Pi 4.


@chris any updates? i just bought a rpi4 for kano os and im eager to try kano os out. This is my first experience with kano

They PI4 with it’s 2g or 4g memory is still a deal $45 and $55. It would be great if someone can get it to fit in the back of a Kano touch and play nice. You can even add a fan if you are concern about the extra heat.

Have to admit I am really disappointed to read this thread. I’ve been investigating Kano as I’m looking for options to begin some computer-based learning for my 3 young kids. There is no chance that I would consider a Windows-based, closed platform for my kid’s education as I feel that fundamentally undermines their ability to gain deeper understanding by being curious and poking around in the internals of the system.

I hope you will take this feedback on board as I like much of what I see here, but the Kano PC is a non-starter for me and many others, and I feel you have shot yourselves in the foot by distancing yourself from the well-established education and maker community around the raspberry pi. It seems like there are people here who’d be willing to pay to see an open source effort continue.


I’m also really disappointed by Kano attitude, especially any kind of migration path support for their customers.

Good news is that it is possible to replace original Raspberry Pi 3 to new Pi4 on Kano Computer, install latest Raspbian (raspbian Buster) and continue to use Kano Computer without too many issues!

From hardware point of view there is a need to use micro-HDMI to HDMI adapter (flat one), it fits without problems:

From software point of view: setup of raspbian is typical (as described on Raspberry Pi Foundation pages):

It is necessary to download Raspbian Buster Desktop image and write on sd card using described software. Just in case of problems - it is better to use separate (than original KanoOS) sd card for new system.

Just after preparing raspbian image it is necessary to enable Kano Computer display and speaker in config.txt file on sd card by adding (to the end):


And… just boot new system from new sd card… that’s all :wink:

I hope it will help someone.


Thanks @mlesn You’ve done what I was looking to do!
Wasnt too sure about going to use the expansion header board for the power switch was going to either 1) work or 2) not fry the Pi4!
I’m off to order one now, as I was running Raspbian rather than Kano anyway on the current custom Pi3 it came with.
Only got the Kano kit in the first place as it was a nicely finished set with the touch screen for less than buying the components.

Hello @Ploes,

Don’t worry - Kano Power Board on Pi4 works fine. My son is using this setup for several days now.

Take a look to the picture which I posted few posts earlier - it is Pi4 with power board installed.
You need one additional component “micro-hdmi to hdmi adapter” to connect regular hdmi (yellow cable) to Pi4.

Recently I’ve decided to add heat sink on Pi4 cpu because Pi4 is known for its more “warm” characteristic of operation than Pi4 (but it won’t burn the cpu - just enable power-throttling and reduce performance occasionally).


Pi4 with Kano Power Switch PLUS plus additional black heat sinks installed:


Everything ordered today.
Including the heatsink and HDMI adapter.
Total cost about £41.
Thanks again.

Aside from the Kit there really isn’t anything terribly unique ab Kano. I think the Kano can be approximated well enough with Raspbian and similar - or even the same - applications… The whole idea of using windows leaves no reason for Kano to exist. I mean, scratch, etc is all available for windows. It just becomes a website with redundant offerings, i guess? I assume the switch was to remedy the issue with the Pi 2, 3 just being horrendously slow. Unfortuantely the Pi 4 probably fixes that

Hi, I didn’t have luck with the config.txt setting you provided. It kept leading to a blank display. So I used these.


Just waiting on a larger SD card and the heatsinks, but the performance boost is unreal!