The Raspberry Pi 4 is here - Will the Kano OS work on it?

I’ve just seen the announcement regarding the dual display, 4Gb Pi 4 and I’m very excited. If I buy it today will the Kano OS work on it?

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PLEASE make this a priority, even if the software is upgraded and the hardware updates are DIY with an Instructable or similar to get the adapters, etc. My kid’s biggest frustration is the lag the original board had. It is a little better with a 3B+, but this 4 would help keep them from getting frustrated and make Kano perfect!

Hi @indigo,

I haven’t got my hands on a Pi4 yet, but it looks like it’s optimised for a build of Raspbian (which Kano OS is based on) called Buster - Kano OS 4.2 is based on Stretch.

Given that Kano OS 4.2 doesn’t work 100% seamlessly on a Pi3B+ out of the box, I’d be surprised if the Pi4 is works without issue either.

@kano-y-mano - We have a lot going on at the moment, having just released the Kano PC powered by Windows 10 in S Mode… so this may be something we’ll look at, but not right this instant.

Checked in with our engineering team this morning - Kano OS 4.2 (the newest build), will not run on the Pi4.

It requires a whole new build - which is not something we’re focused on right now (but never say never).

Thanks Chris. I was wondering the same thing.

@chris, A Kano PC powered by windows?! [yawn] That’s sooooo boring!

I’d pay for a Kano OS build and for any hardware adapters whatnot to slap a Pi 4 in my two kanos. Please take our money for this. It’s extremely valuable and would drastically extend the investment we’ve made in Kano.

Wait till you try it out! Such a nice piece of kit, and only $20 more than the Computer Kit Touch - I’ve been using a prototype for email, and managing Kano’s social account. :slight_smile:

It’s a huge amount of work to redevelop Kano OS each time Raspberry Pi change their board design (approximately 3 months for a team of engineers) - right now, we’re focussed on some other really exciting projects, but we may come back to a Kano OS build for Pi 4 at a later date.

Yall should make a Kano Kit that runs Ubuntu Linux or a customed version of Ubuntu for Kano. I would so buy that!

An interesting idea, but much more niche than we’re looking at for the future.