The Kano will not stay turned on

I purchased two Kano computer kit compete’s from Costco because they were on sale. I’m trying to use one of them to monitor network resources. The problem I’ve had is that it randomly powers off.

It only happens when it’s running with the power switch and battery. If I plug the Kano & screen directly into a usb power source it doesn’t happen. I tried running it on Raspbian instead of the Kano OS and it has the same problem.

I thought it might be an issue with my battery or power switch so I contacted Kano and they sent out a replacement switch and battery twice. Both of the replacements have the same problem. The second kit also has the same problem. I think it’s an issue with the battery. It has a built in defect that randomly cuts the power.

I’m not sure how the battery works. You can’t plug a device into the output USB-A. There’s no power delivery. Somehow when you push the power button, it requests power from the battery. I think that’s where the problem lies. At some point the battery thinks it shouldn’t deliver any power and it shuts it off.

Anyone have any idea what’s going on here? I like the idea of using the Kano as a network monitor with it’s built in battery backup but with the power issue, it will not work.

Hi @jgold,

Just checking with the engineering team, and there are two things that could be going on, one after the other to create this outcome:

1 - When left on charge permanently, the battery can start to discharge, faster than it recharges.

2 - When the battery charge gets below a certain level, it will safely shutdown the system, to stop you losing data.

These are expected behaviours - in that the kit is not designed to be left permanently charging, and that it will shut down at a certain power level to save your data.

Disconnecting, and reconnecting the battery will reset it, and allow for a full recharge.

Sounds like a really good way to repurpose a Kano Computer Kit, but the battery/power setup is not designed to do what you’re trying to do.



Thanks Chris, That helps explain it.

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It used to happen to me too.