Thank you for Kano! Indi's story

Hi Team Kano & all,

Nearly three years ago now we bought our 4 year old son, Indi a Kano. True - he was below the recommended age but we thought he was ready to tinker in this particular area of learning and we weren’t wrong. He is still using the same piece of kit today - I can hear him and his younger sister playing on it right now.

Being an avid LEGO fan, he was able to follow the simple visual instructions to get the unit built and powered up. From there we had to help with words and spelling but he had no issues using the trackpad and the lovely orange visual layout. It wasn’t long before he discovered YouTube (as I’m sure most parents can testify) and how to spell ‘egg’. The way children are fascinated over grubby little hands opening surprise eggs on screen will never cease to amaze me, anyhow…

As time passed, ‘egg’ become ‘cat’ which because ‘toys’, ‘lego’, ‘dinosaurs’, and eventually, somehow ‘origami’ and a new building phase began with square pieces of paper being turned into the most intricate of objects. Kano enabled Indi to explore creative ideas both online and offline.

Before long Minecraft became the subject of attention and with it something he kept referring to as ‘hack minecraft’. By the Summer of 2018 he was asking if he could ‘go upstairs and do some coding’ instead of playing outside, bamboozling both his mother and I. This was all still part of the Kano operating system. Building worlds in Minecraft, learning new skills on Youtube, visual coding practices in Scratch. We couldn’t believe it - for a child who’s concentration wains on any type of traditional play, he was fully invested.

Indi is nearly 7 years old. I’m watching him now as he open Terminal and navigates through the directories to find games to play. But he keeps getting interrupted by his 5 year old sister. We’ve just installed Kano on another Pi for and she wants to learn new things like her big bro!

Thank you for providing a wonderful world for our children to grow into Kano.


Thanks for this post, is an amazing story and you shared it wonderfully. What’s Indi favourite app within the kit?

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Hi David,

I’ve got Indi with me now and I’ve asked him what his favourite thing to do on Kano is and he says:

“Kano World, Hack Minecraft & Make Art, because you can do coding in them”

I don’t know if that makes any sense, I hope it does. But he was very specific. Oh he’s just butted in again…

“I also love terminal… because it’s good… even though I thought it was in tools the whole time”

He’s happy with that answer ;’-D

Sam (Indi’s Dad.)

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Lovely! Super keen to see what Indi does! Do you happen to know his Kano World username so we can check out his creations?


Hi David,

Sorry for my late replies - it’s not like me. His handle is indigoc (I think) and apparently today he was given a staff pick which he is literally screaming about in excitement. He is incredibly happy! I’m surprised at how he understands his way around the OS and whatnot.

I don’t suppose there’s any get-together’s where he and his sister can meet other people using Kano in the area?

Sam (Indi’s Dad.)

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