Superthread - The Pixel Kit



The Kano Pixel Kit is one of Kano’s creative coding kits. With it, you can make and code dazzling lights, build your own games, create animations, paint with light.

To get it working, simply open the box, follow the instructions, download the Kano App and then begin to make your own animations and games with lights!

Why is it called a Pixel Kit?
We see every LED on the grid as a Pixel, and you put the product together yourself. It is made with 128 LED lights (on a 16x8 grid) that you can control with code. Each LED can flash up to 30 times per second, with 16 million colors to choose from.

How do you code on it?
The Pixel Kit uses simple step-by-step instructions with block code to help you be creative with lights. You will also be able to see the JavaScrpit. Simple for beginners, expansive for experts.

What is in the kit?
When you open the box you will have all the parts you need to start building your Pixel Kit. The items are the following:

How do I connect it?
Programming on the Pixel Kit is very easy and all you need is the Kano App to run it. Download the app, then connect it to your Kano Computer Kit, Mac, or Windows computer using the provided USB cable. Make sure your computer is compatible with the app!

Can I create my own projects?
Yes, you can create your own projects. The Kano App gives you all the tools you need to start creating, so you can make your own games, animations, and art. You can also share your creations so others can remix them and make them their own.

Need more help?
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