Stuck on Make Light Challenge #1 with LED Light Ring

My son just received the Kano Make Your Own Computer kit (Raspberry Pi 3 Model B) and was excited to work with the LED light ring, but there seems to be a problem with the very first challenge for the light ring. He appears to do all instructions correctly, but he’s unable to advance to the next challenge…or even what appears to be the next page of the challenge. The ‘NEXT’ link is unclickable and the, what appears to be, the second page of the instruction is unclickable also. Here’s a pic of the challenge screen.

Anyone have any tips as to what we’re missing and why he can’t advance? He very much wants to play with this part of the kit.

P.S. Anyone know to whom we report the spelling error in the argument in the instructions, i.e. ‘al’ vs ‘all’?

I can’t see very clearly in the picture you’ve uploaded, but is there any chance that the thing inside actually says a1 (A – one) instead of all?

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@hotrodskater I think @chipbuster has hit the nail on the head!

The instructions talk about turning on the first LED (labelled A1) - give that a try and see what happens. :slight_smile:

Thanks @chris! And thanks to @chipbuster as well!! That was absolutely the problem! We tried it again this morning and he’s on Challenge 3 now.

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i typed in everything correct – still not woking please someone help
me i have tried 30 times this needs to be adress

Hi @oAaron,

Can you share with us what you are typing?

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light .on (a1) it even turns on the light

So you do the first line, and it turns the first LED on?

Then what happens?

nothing i cannot move to the next thing i tried even re-installing it too.

i cannot move on is what i mean

can anyone help me - please

Pressing the “next” button on the right does not work?

Do you have a newline below the line of code you wrote?

You should make sure your code looks like


On the left sidebar (where the line numbers are) you should see the numbers 1 and 2, and make sure you don’t have any extra spaces anywhere.