Stuck at Login on new Computer Kit Touch

Hi team. I’ve got my child a Kano Computer Kit Touch for Christmas and it’s been nearly great (battery also doesn’t work so having to use it direct power which is… awkward). My kid had fun logging in through the terminal and then when we started to use the OS it told us we need to updated (currently on 4.0.0) we tried updating both through the Kano Updater and through the terminal commands (as per here: but it hung each time, probably due to our slow internet connection. I rebooted a couple of times and then got stuck back at the terminal start-up so I made a new identity called ‘Quit’ (oops) but didn’t finish the terminal intro tutorial.

So now when I boot the computer I get to the Login screen with two identities Mimi and Quit. If I click either and type in the password then it just hangs on the orange Kano screen with the cursor. If I try to remove either account and restart then it just goes back to the login screen and the accounts are still there. Holding down Shift during boot-up takes me to the Login screen.

Frustrating doesn’t cover it. Is there anyway around this or do I have to re-install the OS using Etcher? I’ll clearly need a better internet connection for that. For now I’d be really happy to just get back into Kano OS 4.0.0.
Thanks in advance and happy seasonal cheer.

Anyone who gets a similar problem then the Helpdesk has confirmed that it requires reinstalling the OS using Etcher. I think I caused this by quitting the initial terminal guidance steps before getting into the OS graphical user interface so persist and finish the steps if you ever get dropped back to the terminal generating a new user.