Star Wars Puzzle: Jedi Training Remote

In the software, for the Jedi Training Remote puzzle, the canvas doesn’t always render, the puzzle never “runs” when pressing the play button. Videos online seem to skip the puzzle. Is there a known problem with this puzzle?

I’m assuming the solution is very similar to the solution for “Swing a lightsaber”, but nothing I put in seems to move the lightsaber.

Any suggestions?

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I have the same problem… the light sabre does not move and sometimes the background disappears. I may email the kano app help address to find assistance.

We might have the same problem.
Did anyone already come up with a solution or response by Kano?

I’ve added the code blocks which I think should be right but the lightsaber doesn’t move at all.
I made a screen recording to show our code and canvas.

Did we make a mistake within the code or am I right that this should work?

We had the same problem. The cursor is not attached to the lightsaber.

So we went back to the 5th challenge because it worked. We dropped a Forcekit Y on the y position. That accomplishes the task of the puzzle. The sounds make it better example. And the student learns how “bugs happen” and that’s ok, and maybe you need to think outside the box to get something to work.

Also, as a side note, we noticed that waving our hand over the right moved the lightsaber to the left, and waving it over the left moved the lightsaber to the right. We rotated the motion detector 180 degrees to solve that problem.

We’re fairly new to the Kano Community so just asking - this does seem to be a puzzle without a solution. Is there a way to report it to the Kano tech team? Along with learning that bugs exist in programming, it is nice to know also that bugs can get fixed and your project can be completed!