Sharing Problems


I was trying to share a creation today and I had internet connection and everything on but it wouldn’t let me share. I tried again 10 times but it still wouldn’t work. Do any of you know why this is happening?


Sound weird @gamester!

Were you sharing from a Kano Computer, a Windows PC, or a Mac?

Was this a Kano code creation, Make Art, Pixel Kit, or Harry Potter share?


I have a Kano Computer but I was using my Linux. It was on Kano code.


I tried again today and this is what it said:

Please try again later.


It lets me share on Make Art.


Are you using Kano OS? Or have you installed something new (you mentioned Linux?)?


I didn’t do anything different I just went on and It didn’t work. I have Ubuntu Linux. I don’t know if it works on my Kano computer though.