Screen suggestions or maybe use an old iPad?

Hi, I just bought a Kano kit for my son and was wondering if there was a way to connect an iPad or other tablet to use as a screen (we have an old iPad mini, Android Nexus and an original iPad 1 spare).

I didn’t really want to have to buy a monitor as this is more a “project” piece of kit and we only have one TV in the house! Any help appreciated…


You can’t run Kano OS on a phone or IPad because they already have their own OS built in. My old nexus 6 had android 7 and apple has its own OS. What you could do is access the Kano websites from your devises.

You would still be able to do mostly all the same things from the websites. My Kano computer broke so I just use my desktop computer to access the websites.

The only problem would be that you would have a Kano computer that you wouldn’t be able to use.

Kano OS requires a computer monitor. You could buy the Kano screen kit or you could buy a bigger monitor and connect the HTMI cord. (It’s cyber monday today!)

Thanks for the reply, appreciated. I realise both tablets have a different OS, instead I was hoping there might be some way of using their screen so I didn’t need to buy a separate TV or monitor. I’d heard about using VNC to use an iPad as a virtual screen but you still need a separate screen to see what you’re installing!