Screen going random on and off


Turned my new Kano tablet on. Saw the logo and… nothing happens, just a black screen. Waited for minutes… still black. What a bummer!!!

Got into boot with shift, installed the software again. No change. Got to boot again, made an internet connection and installed the software again. No change.

Got to troubleshooting. Attached an external screen and I got something! Upside down but oke. So, after checking every cable I got the tablet screen working a little bit. It’s going on and of. Sometimes staying on for a few seconds and going of for a few seconds. No pattern.

External screen has no problem, boot has no problem. Tablet; if it works a few seconds I am in luck.

What to test the Kano for usage at my school. I guess we do not have to buy them :frowning:


HI @WytseKloos,

It sounds like you have a bad screen unit/driver board!

Please contact our care team through and they’ll work with you to resolve.