Request to share the user experience data or statistics of using Kano computer Kit


My name is Hiral Shah, and I am a student on Georgia Tech University. I am currently enrolled into the subject named Educational Technology which is focused on teaching about various technology involved in the teaching and learning tools. As part of this course curricula, I am working on the project which is a research track about the importance of introduction of coding in young children, and the ramification of their adult life.

I have used Kano Computer Kit at my home with my kids, and they totally love your product and the various options it comes with to learn programing. In my opinion it has the great potential to play a part in generating interest in young children towards computer, and programming. I would like to present Kano Computer Kit as a case study to this project. For that i need to share some statistics, and data which represents the usefulness of the tool, and customer experience.

I would be obliged if you would share the statistics or the data you may have / you may gather from your users with me which i can present in the project as a proof of the usefulness of the KANO kit.

Let me know if you would need any support or proof on my end in regards to my course into the Masters of Science in Computer Science Course at Georgia Tech University.

Thanks in advance,
Hiral Shah