Repetitive rebooting: No password entry for user 'username'

Get Ready… Kano is starting up
No password entry for user ‘username’

Hi @bobbidigi,

Could you tell us a bit more?

Which Kano Computer Kit are you using?

Is it new, or are you getting back into it after a break?

Its a couple years old

Couple questions to help me work out which kit you have:

1 - Is it a kit you plug into a TV, or one which has its own screen?

2 - If it’s the kind you plug into a TV, does it have a speaker on top, or a light ring?

Also, would be good to know if it was working ok up till now and this suddenly happened, or if you’ve turned it on after a long break and it’s not behaving this way. :slight_smile:

1: You plug it into a TV.
2: It has a speaker
3: I turned it on after not touching it for at least a year.