__R.I.P. Kano__

Bad timing to change the development focus of Kano OS to the x86 architecture + Windows 10, over ARM. I would not ever consider buying one of the new Kanos, because it is built for Windows, and I don’t want to support Windows.

I just bought my daughter a used Lenovo x230t and put LInux on it, because she out grew the Kano. I’m still planning on passing the Kano kit on to the younger child, but am a little disappointed in not being able to upgrade it properly. The Raspberry Pi 4 (plus cooling) would have been perfect for the Kano.


I was going to upgrade my godson’s Kano to the 4, but a generic Windows system is a no go for the parents because it’s supposed to be educational and not just another computer.
Shame. it was a good concept, if painfully under powered

If you don’t want windows I would recommend Downloading Ubuntu MATE that is what I use and it runs faster than Kano OS and it is very simple to use and if you only want a terminal screen I would recommend Ubuntu server witch is another program I use for my Apache 2 server and my Minecraft server :grinning:

I’d recommend Linux Mint over Ubuntu Mate, just to make some things a little easier in a tighter poackage

The whole idea of using Windows to teach a kid the basics of computing is so sad…

Seeding the love for making, creating, taking things apart is what the Pi is all about besides you are building skills for life.

What Kano also seriously missed out on is creating a pathway for older kids to hack with their Kano’s. Lock things down to keep control is one and opening things up to build a community around it is another.

It’s a tough battle…kinda like Windows v/s Linux (from a community standpoint, not talking about price/performance, etc.).

Sad day for Kano. Best of luck with your products. You’ve lost a lot of the maker support you might have had!!!


I would also suggest Linux or Ubuntu as it makes things faster and smoother. (https://www.editsoftdigital.com/seo-services-lucknow/