__R.I.P. Kano__

Bad timing to change the development focus of Kano OS to the x86 architecture + Windows 10, over ARM. I would not ever consider buying one of the new Kanos, because it is built for Windows, and I don’t want to support Windows.

I just bought my daughter a used Lenovo x230t and put LInux on it, because she out grew the Kano. I’m still planning on passing the Kano kit on to the younger child, but am a little disappointed in not being able to upgrade it properly. The Raspberry Pi 4 (plus cooling) would have been perfect for the Kano.


I was going to upgrade my godson’s Kano to the 4, but a generic Windows system is a no go for the parents because it’s supposed to be educational and not just another computer.
Shame. it was a good concept, if painfully under powered

If you don’t want windows I would recommend Downloading Ubuntu MATE that is what I use and it runs faster than Kano OS and it is very simple to use and if you only want a terminal screen I would recommend Ubuntu server witch is another program I use for my Apache 2 server and my Minecraft server :grinning:

I’d recommend Linux Mint over Ubuntu Mate, just to make some things a little easier in a tighter poackage