Problems with syncing the account and Wifi

Hello, My kid just unwrapped kano for his bday. He was very excited until we realised is not so smooth to set it up.

First he could not create an account for the kano world. We got the error “Account can’t be synced”.

Then we skipped this step … we are connect to the internet but then the internet is not working. We get a success error when we connect but when we enter the main screen the internet is not working.

This is very disappointing … it was supposed to be a fun nice experience for it’s bday.

Please help fix this issues. I want my kid to continue liking this kit …

UPDATE1: we already tried this and no is not working! :frowning_face:

UPDATE2: we tried our regular wifi then we also tried wifi from the phone with the phone right next to the computer, still no success.