Porting kano os to other Arm boards


I’m interested to port the Kano desktop to another Arm board. An example is the Rock960. This would provide better performance for an increased cost, but the same great fun.

I’m having a hard time understanding the build process from all of the GitHub repositories.

Assuming I start from an Arm board with fully functioning Debian Linux how can I build and run the Kano desktop?

Any tips or documentation on the process are appreciated.



Hi Jason, we’ve sent this post to our tech team and hopefully they’ll be able to assist soon!


Hi Jason, while there is a lot on Github, I don’t believe the full source of the Kano desktop is there. So it wouldn’t be possible to get it working that way. If the tech team can assist that would be great. If the source was there it could even be run on intel which would be amazing. I think Kano OS is great, but performance has always been somewhat of an issue with Raspberry Pi


Hi Team Kano - any update on this? I think Rasberry Pi 3 is bit under spec for Kano OS.


Hi @kjung82,

The kernel for Kano OS (which is Raspbian based) is compiled for Raspberry Pi, and there has been no development work undertaken to make it compatible with other architectures.

I can entirely understand the desire to use other, more powerful boards, but there are no plans at the moment to put engineering resource into this.