Pixel32: Pixel Kit Running MicroPython on the Browser!



Kano Code App is a great way to give the first steps learning how to code or to have a fun animation display at home. But if you want to unlock the full potential of your Pixel Kit there is a simple and powerful solution: Replace the factory firmware with MicroPython!

To make it as easy as possible to flash, code and play with MicroPython on your Pixel Kit, @taylor and I developed a solution we call Pixel32.

Pixel32 is a MicroPython application running on Kano Pixel Kit that allows it to be programmed on the browser (no extra software, internet or cables required :tada::confetti_ball:).

You can see how to Flash MicroPython on your Pixel Kit here and how to give your First Steps here.

There is also documentation page to learn how to use the libraries that comes with Pixel32, like the Pixel Turtle or the Pixel Kit Library.

There are also some tutorial videos to inspire and help you!

Feel free to request some tutorials, ask for help here or on Github!

Oh yeah! Don’t forget to share what you have created!!

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