Pixel Kit ISS tracker help needed!

So I just got a Pixel Kit, and found an ISS tracker here:

I have everything coded except the “ISS Indicator Set X to” and “IAS Indicator Set Y to” blocks. I cannot seem to find them anywhere… nothing in the Frame section, which I assume they are in. I am new to this, although I did some of the tutorials. What am I missing?

Hi @axialflux,

Have you added the ISS in as a part?

Yes, I did add that.

Hey @axialflux,

I don’t have a pixel kit to hand, so can’t test this theory - but I think the only way to get those blocks, is in one of the pixel kit challenges.

Here they are in Retronator’s saved project: https://apps.kano.me/remix/international-space-station-world-map

Hi @axialflux

Playing around this morning, and I’ve worked it out!

You need to add a new part “rectangle”

Then change its name to “ISS indicator” by double-clicking on the “Rectangle” part you’ve added (on the right).

Then you have all the blocks you need in the “ISS Indicator” tray on the left

Ah ha, yes that is it! Once I looked at Retronator’s project code, I did see that. Thanks so much for the help!