Pixel 8 - simple node development for the pixel



I’ve created a tiny wrapper around the node version of the community-sdk for building projects using node - https://github.com/thaggie/pixel-eight#pixel-8

It’s a bit easier to get going with for node as it’s published to npmjs:

mkdir example
cd example
npm init -y
npm install --save pixel-eight


Love this, love pico8!


@haggie Is there a simple, non-programmer-friendly guide for installing the library? Just cloned your repo, followed the guide, created the demo directory and when running the example it comes up with a Cannot find module ‘./font’ error. This is from a clean ‘i have nothing installed’ sort of installation.

Any help appreciated!


This is AWESOME :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Sorry that’s a bug you found with the version I published last night - fixed now.

If you change the version in package.json to 0.0.6 and run npm install it should be fine now.

The example script in the README references a saved animation exported-animation.json you can comment out this line (and the line where bitmaps is used) or export an animation from the desktop tool and save it into the directory with that name.


Awesome, thanks for the tip, I shall try that tomorrow and report back. Super exciting!


I’ve created the first page of a tutorial working through using the library:


Very cool, thanks for this, I just gave it a push on our social media channels :+1:


The second page of the tutorial, adding interactivity via the buttons:


Awesome! Will share with the community as well today :smiley:


The third page of the tutorial, adding in the game logic - making the game playable: