New SD Card in Kano Computer Kit and Question on Raspberry Pi


My apologies if this is already answered somewhere else. My son has the Kano Complete Computer (Not the touch screen one) and I was wondering if I can remove his SD card and put in a blank one for his cousin to try the device and set up a new Kano account for them to see if they like it (before their parents go and buy one for them). How do you get the programs on a new SD card so that it works and they can try the Kano apps and things? I have a spare blank SD card but I was not sure what I needed to do.

My son is worried he will lose his progress and also the various things he has been doing on his Kano. Apologies but I am very new to the Raspberry Pi and I just wanted to check what I would need to do in order to make sure he doesn’t lose his Kano apps and things in the process.

Thank you in advance for help with my question. I am all new to this and trying to help my son.

Best Regards.

Hi @thaidream

Please check out this help desk article for instructions on setting up Kano OS on a new SD card:

I recommend that you purchase one of these cards, they are cheap on Ebay, $12.47. I will double the memory and it is a faster card then what is in there now and you will see a performance boast. I have done this now on three of the Kano Touch and all have seen a improvement.
SanDisk 32GB microSD Extreme Pro 100MB/s A1 4K U3 32G SD microSDHC SDSDQXP-032G