New Kano World issues

It’s going well, but there’s a few issues and requests

  • The comment bubble and create text bubble appears miles from the block!
  • The clock object millisecs has a bug. They’re running at double speed for the first half of the second and then pausing for the second half
  • It seems to be fairly easy to highlight text on blocks. The only way to remove this highlight is to click on the canvas
  • Text object alignment is centre aligned around the x,y coord in the editor. The first time you run a published game it is left aligned. Then if you restart it is centre aligned
  • It would be really amazing to get feedback as to why a project can’t be published. There’s several projects that won’t publish and I can’t workout why!
  • Still having issues with Pi 3Bs locking up, making mouse movement and clicking nearly impossible. I’m hoping to be able to get hold of these Pis soon, so I can diagnose this bug further.