New Kano World - High CPU usage on Kano Computer Kit!

Two weeks ago, I gave my daughter a Kano Computer Kit (the Raspberry Pi 3B version, model 1000K-02), to replace a DYI RPi 3B+ setup I gave her for Christmas 2018, because KanoOS 4.3.2 won’t run correctly on a RPi 3B+. The whole reason I invested in the official kit with older RPi hardware was to allow her to continue accessing Kano World.

To my surprise, the Kano World app, which is just a Chromium browser window viewing, brings the model 1000K-02’s 1.2GHz quad Cortex processor to its knees. It’s too slow with the constantly animating background!

Why has Kano done this???

Why doesn’t Kano provide alternate HTML for machines with the Chromium User Agent that doesn’t display the CPU-intensive background animations? Honestly I find it ridiculous that Kano has chosen to make their headline website so “fancy” that it ruins the user experience by making it so slow for their bread & butter RPi-based Kano kitcustomers.

If this isn’t going to be addressed, I’d like to know how I can send this brand-new Kano Computer Kit to Kano to get my money back.

One thing you could try to improve performance is to try a faster microSD card. @PapaJeff has a suggestion for faster microSD card in this fourm post: Kano Speed normal or slow

About sending the computer kit back to Kano, I recommend you go to, click on Contact Support, and ask your question directly to Kano support.