Need external headphone jack on the kano


My kids love their kanos so far …but mom and dad don’t always want to listen to them. Please consider redesigning the speaker to have an external 3.5 headphone jack or even a kit to “make” one. I’d pay money for that. Cheers,


This should help with your problem. I find the speaker on my computer kit touch to not be loud enough. One fix would be to replace the kit speaker with a powered PC speaker set that has a volume control and a headphone jack for when you want to use headsets. You could just remove the kit speaker and run your other speakers audio cord thru the hole or go thru the trouble of mounting a stereo jack in the case and wiring it up to the audio out of the computer.


Yeah that would work well in a traditional “desktop” setting. My kids have been using these all over the house, so having something built into the enclosure would be best. I suppose a 3.5 splitter would do it, but I’m not super excited about routing another hole in the case. Ideally the speaker would be redesigned to also have a 3.5 jack on it.


I could not agree more. I even tried to get a Bluetooth headset to work and while it sees it, it does not connect to it. While a splitter would allow a headset, it would not natively disable this speaker, it would simply make both work. What we need is a switch. I plan to do some tests with the following to see how it does and am hopeful I can easily integrate this into the case.

SMAKN® 3.5mm Stereo audio Switching Board socket 2 IN 1 OUT / 1 IN 2 OUT

That said it would be great if we can get Bluetooth audio working.


Yeah good call on the splitter, but I’m not sure the switch is the right move either. After thinking about this, we should be able to wire a 5pin 3.5mm jack before the speaker. Wired correctly the speaker will work when disconnected the the headphones would disconnect the physical speaker when plugged in. All of that is really easy. The harder problem is physically making the jack durable and support the force from regular use. I’ll think about this more when I get back in front of the kano.


I am not aware of the idea of a 5 pin method, but will have to look into this some more. Now in the end, having Kano replace the speaker with a sort of speaker/jack combo would really be best, and honestly the cost to them would probably be marginal at best, but it is fun to try and hack a solution here.


Hey everyone,

Definitely something I can feed back to the product team, but very unlikely to be implemented in the current version of the kit as it would require a retool/redesign.




Certainly understandable Chris. I suspect modifying the speaker would be easiest and should you do that perhaps that single part could be offered for sale as a replacement part for those of us with an older setup.

In the alternative, is it possible to get bluetooth audio working? The device now can see a bluetooth headset, but not connect to it. That I suspect is simply software.


Having a bit of a google around, Bluetooth audio on the Raspberry Pi seems to be a somewhat challenging issue, with lots of people trying lots of things to get it working.

The current version (4.X.X builds) are based on Raspbian Stretch - and it looks like people are trying out a variety of solutions to get Bluetooth speakers connected.

This might be a good place to start: