Multilanguage Kano


So this means that also the argentina version made will not be updated to version 4.x.x, I ask this because I gave this to my kid, the v3.9.0 works go but it wants to update to the 3.9.2 version which brokes the wifi, and also can’t install anything from the “app store” on either version.
I would love to help on the spanish translation for the update version, as my kids still don’t know english and they are really liking the OS, and it helps me teach them coding


Hi @vr_fox,

At the moment, there are no updates to the Argentina version of the OS in the roadmap for 2019.

All of the feedback here gets passed towards our engineering team - however there are a lot of things that have priority for 2019 that they are planning around.

I don’t want to keep being the guy that says no, but I do want to set a reasonable and realistic expectation that localisations of our kits, and the infrastructure required to support running an OS and Apps in multiple languages, are not currently in the roadmap.


Hey all. Happy New Year !

Considering 1. there’s a lot of interest for localization (obviously) and 2. it’s only natural for a learning project to try and be available in other languages, could we propose that localization is included in the roadmap, even in longt-term ? It’s a lot of effort and work, sometimes involved third-party product (which we have little influence on), agreed, but it’s the logical way to go, I think.

Way to go ? :wink:

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Happy New Year @petitpoisson!

A few of us were having a chat in the office on New Years Eve… and have the beginnings of a plan!

Can you give us a few days?

I want to make sure we’ve got everything in place, and some solid information to share with you before saying any more. :smiley:



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Yippee ! Christmas a bit later :smile:
Take all the time you need. Any progress will be great. Thanks !


Thank you very much for the information


HI there , i’m up for helping with french translation too. Thanks Kano’s teams for the good work , my kid love it.

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Quick Update

We think, that the best way forward would be to open up the text strings, ask collaborators to share translations, get the final versions of those translations checked out, and then add them to a build of the OS.

We looked at the option of language packs, and due to the way that the OS and Apps within it are coded, this looks like a very complicated option… so has been discarded.

What we’re looking at right now is:

  • Finding the best tool for the job for collaborative translations (we’ve used something in the past that we’re looking to re-configure/reactivate… just need a few more members of the team back in the office to confirm wether this is the best route to take).

  • How many languages we open this out to - would it be most logical to start with French, Spanish(ES), and German for example?

  • Timescale. We don’t want to start this project without being able to tell you when the translations would appear in the OS.

  • Workload. How this fits in with other priorities the engineering/product teams have for 2019.

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Hooray ! That’s superb news for a great new year starting ! :slight_smile:

My two cents here :

Many thanks again. Looking forward !

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This is excellent news !

If you’re looking for collaborators, i raise my hand for the french part.

I’ll keep an eye on this thread. I’m working in IT so i’m sure i can be a good helper in many kind of ways.

Happy new year to Kano team !

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Happy new year! And thanks for The great news. I would love to contribute for the German translation of the OS. So give me a note.

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Hey Guys,
I’ve been watching keno for some time now and love the project, because computers and coding is such a big part of our lives nowadays. Especially for kids growing up with this technology it becomes more and more important to teach them the basics early that they more intuitively use it.
If you still need someone for German, you can count on me.

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Hey everyone,

Just wanted to share another quick update - the engineering an product team are currently working out priorities/projects for the year ahead, so we will know where we stand shortly.

As I’ve said, I love the enthusiasm for a community driven multi language Kano OS, but I also want to be very up front and honest with our ability to take on the engineering work required to make this happen, given the other things we are committed to.

Still working internally to build out a plan, just need everyone to understand that Kano in multiple languages might not happen quickly.

Most importantly I don’t want to ask for translations, get you guys and gals involved and excited , and then us not have the resource to implement within a reasonable timescale.

More updates to follow!




Wow, this is really good news. I have been waiting a long time for the forums to come back and I checked today and they are finally back! Also, multi-language I have been waiting for years for. I have two kids whose primary language is Japanese.

So I have our Kano set to Japanese as a system language, I have setup Japanese IME input. I have used all the available Github translations that were done in the past for Japanese (for Kano software). So I have a working version of Terminal Quest in Japanese, some of the Kano system dialogs in Japanese, a few other things I think. But I am still missing a ton that can be translated. If there were some way to contribute translations in Github or elsewhere I would be quite happy to do so. Thanks!

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Same as me with my daughter. She likes the Story mode very much, but she’s just started to study English.
Wanted to offer my help with translating it to Russian. =) But after reading this thread, I see the problems standing behind it…
Anyway, I’d gladly help with it

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Hello guys!

I am very happy to hear about this project and I am very interested in having Kano and apps translated to Brazilian Portuguese. If you need any help with the translation, please let me know! :smiley:


Hi! I am also very interested having Kano translated to Brazilian Portuguese! Volunteer to help with the translation! :raised_hand:
How about the storybook? There are some languages already supported. How can we help on the translation to Portuguese? :slight_smile:


Hello! I am ready to join the translation into Russian. Let`s try eat a whale in chunks? :grinning: For example, start by localizing one of the applications, for example, “Make Art”, “Terminal Quest” or “Make Snake”. It seems to me not so difficult. We will understand more about the problems and opportunities of this idea. Most importantly, the cost of Kano will be minimal. If the experiment is completed with a positive result, then we can think about scaling. When we start?



I’d love to contribute for a German translation.
If there’s anything planned, please let me know.


I’m ready to take on Norwegian. Have a 7 yrs old and 5 yrs old, who can’t wait to get their own computers.