Multilanguage Kano


Hi there ! I’m using Kano with my 9 year-old and it’s great, but we are french-speaking. I’m fluent in english, he’s not. I have to translate everything for him. It’s ok because it’s a nice moment together, but it can become a bit difficult if I can’t manage to have the time. Anyway, it would be great to have Kano in french (and other languages, for that matter!) – I volunteer to translate and even manage translations, but I’m not able to help with internationalization of code itself. And I know it’s a huge undertaking. So… any volunteers out there? :slight_smile:


I’d like to help for this french translation but I don’t know how and who we should contact for this



I just looked and the only other language you can get with kano os besides english is spanish for now and that is still in alpha. I did notice you can get the instructions on building it in french. I’ll summon @David for you to see if he can get in touch with the people at kano who do all the translations for other languages to see if they could get a french version made or something.

Hope you have a wonderful day!

~Patrick (DJPMcG on kano world)


Where can we get the instructions ? I didn’t find them.
Thanks !


here you go! scroll down on the page. it is near the bottom.


Ah ok, this is links to the storybooks, I thought it was the instructions to contribute to the translations.
Do you know where we can find these instructions ?
Thanks a lot


I thought the storybooks were the instructions last time I checked? They tell it in a kids way so they aren’t just straight up instructions.


I want to contribute to the application translation, not the storybooks


I would suggest contacting a staff member about that.


I did that but got no answer :frowning:

Anyway, thanks for your help :slight_smile:


Well, I did contact the staff and they told me to post a message un the forums… Something is in a loop, here! So, we have an i18n project in . alpha, which starts with spanish language. Any language is good to start, because what is needed is huge work on the code in order to insert the language variables correctly and build language files. Once this is done (huge work!), language files can be translated to any language. This is where contributors get to work.

So, @ any staff member reading this : could we start building translation teams already ? And get ready to translate language files as soon as they get here ? Can we help building something ? Is the spanish i18n project well under way ?


Ok, I thought Spanish was available and language variables were ok


Hi @petitpoisson and @Dragibus,

As of right now, there are no plans to translate Kano OS into other languages.

That’s not to say it is not possible, but not something that’s currently in the roadmap.

I’ll pass your interest on to our engineering team - (always good to keep them on their toes!) - but can see there are other (exciting) things that have priority for 2019.




Hey @chris ! I would be glad to contribute. I think Kano is a great tool and it’s sad it’s not available in other languages. I’m willing to contribute, quite evidently others are too. I know it’s a huge undertaking and I can understand it’s not top priority but think about it : the goal is to educate children and it’s obvious children are less likely to be bilingual. Therefore allowing translation would greatly increase Kano’s usefulness !

Once again, I’m willing to contribute. Please feel free to contact me. Let’s do this ! :slight_smile:


Hi @petitpoisson love the enthusiasm, dedication, and support!

Right now we just don’t have the resources to take Kano OS multilingual.

Your offer is truly appreciated, and would be a huge help - but in adding additional languages, there are also additional support, and (a lot of!) legal requirements that we would need to plan for, budget for, and fulfil.

It’s a huge project beyond the translation of Kano OS.

Sorry :slightly_frowning_face:


As @petitpoisson said, it would be great if the community could contribute to translate kano OS into other languages. I am offering you to translate it into Catalan, and we have a huge and active community translating a lot of apps. Please, take it into consideration in a near future.
Platforms like Weblate or Transifex make translations easy for the companies and the community of users.

PS: I can translate into Spanish too, if needed


@chris : I know it takes more than just translating, but I’m also willing to help i18n efforts in the code (i.e. use strings from a language file rather than hardcoded text). Feel free to ask. I think it’s very important for education projects to not restrict to one language. Kano is a fantastic tool, it’s sad that it’s restricted to english-speaking persons.

Wikipedia estimates that 372 million people are native english speakers. That’s 5% or world population. Much less than mandarin (about 900 million) or spanish (437 million). As I said, Kano is most suited for children so native speakers is the most important figure. But even when combining first language, second language and foreign language, english would be spoken by 1500 million people, that is roughly 20% of world population.

So once again : I know it’s a lot of work. But it’s important. In order to fully be a great leraning tool, Kano needs to be available in multiple languages, at some point. Version 5 seems a reasonable point, don’t you think?

@paubarrina : As I wrote before, translating is less than half the job. Refactoring the code is a way larger effort, it shouldn’t be neglected.


Really love the enthusiasm, but as I said above - there are no plans to localise, or support Kano OS in languages other than English currently in the roadmap for 2019.

I hear you @petitpoisson, and I understand what you’re saying, but it’s still not something we have plans for right now.


So this means that also the argentina version made will not be updated to version 4.x.x, I ask this because I gave this to my kid, the v3.9.0 works go but it wants to update to the 3.9.2 version which brokes the wifi, and also can’t install anything from the “app store” on either version.
I would love to help on the spanish translation for the update version, as my kids still don’t know english and they are really liking the OS, and it helps me teach them coding


Hi @vr_fox,

At the moment, there are no updates to the Argentina version of the OS in the roadmap for 2019.

All of the feedback here gets passed towards our engineering team - however there are a lot of things that have priority for 2019 that they are planning around.

I don’t want to keep being the guy that says no, but I do want to set a reasonable and realistic expectation that localisations of our kits, and the infrastructure required to support running an OS and Apps in multiple languages, are not currently in the roadmap.