"Mode Not Supported" hooking Kano Computer to TV

As the topic states. I just flashed the SD card with the latest Kano Pi OS and plugged it in to a Samsung TV and that is what I got? Any ideas.

Using the Etcher Program, I downloaded the latest OS to a SanDisk 32GB microSD Extreme Pro 100MB/s A1 4K U3 32G SD microSDHC card. I had downloaded to a 16G Sd card that came with the Kano and it took over 10 Minutes. The new fast card was done in an couple of minutes. I strongly recommend these cards, $11.68 on Ebay and the really speed the Kano up.
Back to the Samsung with new OS, same problem, does not recognized mode. Unplugged and moved it to our newer TV, Also a Samsung and it took right off and worked!/ So the problem appears to be with using a older TV set.
I can’t wait for the grandkids to use the Kano on a big screen. The Harry potter wand should be interesting on a big screen.