Migrated software from Pinet to Kano OS.. A few issues

Hello all, first time posting, but I’ve done a bit of reading here recently! At the beginning of the school year, I noticed my server was dying for PiNet, and wanted to have a more child centered OS running on the Pis. I was aware of the Kano kits, but didn’t even think to check out the OS until recently. I immediately tested it out on one system, and then replaced PiNet on every computer in the lab with Kano. The students LOVE it, so much so that I may see about investing in the kits for school so students can get their hands “dirty” in creating their own system!
However, I do have a couple issues, so I decided to reach out for comments and assistance. Each computer has multiple users. No more than 12 at this point, and each have a log in. I have installed Epoptes-client on the Pis to be able to send younger students to sites when in Classic mode. Here are some issues and questions I have:

  1. I have encountered this issue on a few pis… Some freeze on the orange wallpaper and never show the login screen. I can login in to the terminal remotely using epoptes to reboot, but it will still go there and freeze. On others, After logging in with a student, the dashboard never appears. I can still send students to sites using the execute command on the Epoptes software, but again, the dashboard never appears. They were never powered down incorrectly while running Kano.

  2. I would like an option to be able to add sites to the dashboard for the younger students. If I could do that, then the students can just click an icon to be able to visit the site they are supposed to visit as opposed to clicking the Classic mode button and sending them to the site using Epoptes.

Those are my main issues with the OS. #1 is very important to me. I’ve had the lab set up for a couple days and have been testing it with the kids, but if the issues continue, I will have to be forced to put another OS on it… But I don’t want to!! The students LOVE it! They were so engaged from the first step of following the white rabbit. They thought they were hacking.

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Hey @ncalvert so cool!

Let me check in with the engineering team, and see if one of them can offer some advice. :slight_smile:

Great, thanks!! The software is perfect for what we wanted, but have run into the hiccups mentioned above. Any help is appreciated!

I went ahead and posted a video on Youtube showing my issue with the logging in. https://youtu.be/OeT8YVJSOBE