Maximize coding frame

On my 10" tablet the space is not much, it would be nice to maximize the coding frame by sacrifying the preview & javascript panel.

Android 7.0
HUAWEI MediaPad T3 10"
EMUI 5.1.3

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HI @Mwithi

Guess you’re referring to the app for the Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit?

I can see why you’d want to maximise the coding area, but it’s also really important to be able to see what your code is doing too - especially if you’re new to using block based code. :slight_smile:

Perhaps you could use an external display? Or try experimenting with a Chromecast so you have a bigger screen to work from?



Hi @chris,

I apologize for not having specified it… yes, I’m referring to the Kano App for Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit.

Sure it’s important to see the runnable preview but if it’s optional it would be better, because on a small screen like 10" it’s very difficult even to see the full chain of block if they are many, even by zooming out (resulting in texts too small). So I meant only to say “optionally” maximizing the coding frame, not really to sacrify the preview as “removing it totally”; sorry for the misunderstanding, in case.

External display for my tablet I don’t think would be confortable
Is there an option to cast Kano App to Chromecast or I have to use an external App?

Anyway, how often we should expect App updates?

Ahh! I see what you mean.

It would require some development work that is not in scope at the moment - but I can certainly suggest it to the product team.

If Android/Chromecast allows mirroring, in the same way as Apple TV/iOS then that might be a workaround… more of a thinking out loud, than a will definitely work, I’m afraid.:nerd_face:

Nothing to share regarding app updates at the moment - a couple of other engineering projects taking priority with our small team. :slight_smile:

Is there a way to maximize the playing window?
Also, it seems the App is not informing the OS to keep the screen on while playing, so it keeps turning off… :sweat_smile:

Another suggestion could be to disable the warning “re-center” message every time the wand is dropped on the couch in order to continue coding… :wink:

Please, is there any forecast about the next app update? :pleading_face: