Kindle Fire, Amazon FreeTime Unlimited, Location Services, and the Coding Wand



Hey Coding Wand owners!

I wanted to share something that’s come up through our customer care team a couple of times over the last few days, just in case you hit the same snag.

Let’s break this down into chunks:

The problem - if you have Amazon FreeTime Unlimited installed on your device, your device cannot connect to the Coding Wand.

The reason - Amazon FreeTime includes parental controls that blocks location services from being used.

The solution - Remove Amazon FreeTime from your device/Use an alternative device.

OK. But why does the Coding Wand use location services?

When you go to connect your Coding Wand to your device for the first time, your device has to go looking for it - and as part of the Bluetooth detection process, the Kano App requests permission to open location services, so that your device can find nearby Bluetooth devices.

After the Kano App has acquired your Coding Wand, it shuts location services back down.

Neither the Coding Wand, nor the App track your location, collect your location data, or transmit it anywhere.

Hope that helps, and explains what’s going on. :slightly_smiling_face:



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