Keyboard not charging?

Dear community.
I have just received a brand new Computer Kit Touch, sent over to my daughters (7 and 9 years old) in France by a friend who ordered it in the UK - how to learn both about computing and English at the same time, as I did myself at the same age!
They were very happy putting the pieces together after I translated the manual for them.
Now, the Kano itself will boot up alright, with the “Follow the White rabbit” prompt and the very first instruction “cd rabbithole”.
But the keyboard does not seem to work. More precisely, pushing the power button will do nothing but have the green led blink just once upon releasing the button, and charging the keyboard through the red USB cable (from the wall plug, Kano computer or from the USB port from my laptop) will switch on the red LED alright… but still nothing more after a couple of hours (still no more reaction than a single green glitch when pushing the power button).
Any advice please?
Thanks a lot!

My boys had a similar problem but I realised they had not plugged the little white Bluetooth dongle from the keyboard into the computer.
Sorry if that is not it, but it was the last thing I checked after trying to charge the keyboard up!

Thank for the idea, but the dongle was correctly plugged.
It really is a faulty keyboard, Kano’s customer service sent me a new one that is charging just fine… but with three keys missing :confused:
I’m waiting for a third one, that both can charge and has all the keys on it :slight_smile: