KanoOS Beta 4.2.0 on the Raspberry Pi 3B+ - Totally Awesome


Hey guys,

I run a (voluntary) codeclub in Melbourne Australia and also an online business focusing on STEM Education kits for kids. Am a hacker at heart so always trying to tinker and play around with the devices at home.

I stumbled across KanoOS mid last year but was dis-heartened which i couldn’t load it on my Raspberry Pi 3B+.I’ve managed to get 4.2.0 Beta running on the Raspberry Pi 3B+ and it’s TOTALLY AWESOME!!!

I’ve written a few articles about it at www.oztoylib.com.au and will be writing more in the coming weeks/months. Am looking to introduce the Kano OS and eventually Kano kits to our kids at the codeclub. Are there instructor guides that are available for us to dive into to understand what sort of structured classes we might be able to run with the Kano OS + Kits?

My daughter who helps me with the codeclub does a bit of coding but she’s totally into the Kano. She can’t keep her hands off the “terminal quest” challenges and keeps exploring the Kano using the gamification tools you’ve provided. Your idea of getting kids to learn through gamification is commendable. You’ve definitely got this one right.

Secondly, i understand 4.2.0 is in beta but it’s still totally AWESOME. There are bugs and am sure it will get fixed. For example, VNC only works in the normal classic mode and isn’t available in the other mode…not sure why.

Happy to beta test stuff out at our codeclub. So feel free to get in touch.

I am going to be diving deeper into the Kano so i can get comfortable with it and then eventually help our kids explore it.



Thanks so much for the love Trevor, super happy to see that you consider Kano OS as a great resource. Going to loop in @taylor here, as she’s the best one to provide help with curriculum stuff!


Hi Trevor! So happy you love the kits and want to bring them to your code clubs! We do have resources for you to jump in! You can check out kano.me/educators to see some of our resources and getting started guides. As well, we shared on a separate posts some resources we have and you can find them here. Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Thanks @David, thanks @taylor. Much appreciated.

I’ll read through the resources to better understand how to integrate these kits in class.

Am based out of Melbourne, Australia. So if you need any beta testing done in a live real world scenario…you know you can always get in touch… :slight_smile:

Have a great one guys. Will be in touch.



Hi Trevor. I put together a Pi 3B+ setup running Kano OS 4.2.0 for my 8 year old daughter, and have spent some time looking into the VNC issue. I don’t believe it’s related to the 3B+ hardware specifically, but rather due to the Raspbian variant of VNC not having the ability to view apps that use a “directly rendered overlay”. Minecraft is an example of an app that won’t render to a VNC client. I’ve posted about my findings and experience trying to get the Kano Dashboard to display via VNC in this thread.

I also started a thread dedicated to the topic of running Kano OS 4.2.0 on a Pi 3B+, and would appreciate any input you might have on bugs or issues you’ve encountered, as well as any fixes (if you’ve discovered them).

I’ve had a look around the OzToyLab and KidsCanCode sites and that is some fantastic work there. Thank you for sharing!


Hey @flyingtacos thanks for the note. I did check out the other thread you’ve created, super duper mate!!! Well done.

I think i ended up loving KanoOS on the Pi 3B+ more than my daughter does…:). She still does use it and explores the various features/apps but not as much as i would like her too. Interestingly, she’s more of a bookworm and while she does a bit of coding, she’s not hooked…not yet!!!

I’ll chip in at the other thread mate. Thanks again. It’s been fun playing with the Kano.

Glad you found KidzCanCode.com useful. We use it extensively in class, kids work through the development tracks and tutorials on robotics, electronics, coding, etc. Am going to be creating more videos on KanoOS over the coming weeks/months - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRzyazJHOG2QCclUYw0FxNw/

Happy hacking and stay in touch mate.