KanoOS at Primary



I am a secondary school CS teacher in the UK. I am lucky enough to be a CAS Master Teacher and as part of this role I am working with local primary schools to support their CS teaching and to encourage children to code at home.

After the success of Kano with my own x2 children I decided to go large and develop a mobile classroom of x15 Kano’s.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this experience and believe that KanoOS is enormously powerful in engaging children between the ages 4 and 12 into the World of computing. I urge all secondary CS teachers to reach out to their primary colleagues and run a similar programme. I have said as much on the CAS forum.

If you are interested I have blogged this project:


I realise that I am using KanoOS on non-Kano equipment which may not be strictly be ‘cricket’ but I would like to share how amazing KanoOS is for Primary School outreach. If it helps, I have bought x2 Kano computers for my own children and link to Kano from my help pages as I want parents to purchase this equipment to allow their children to continue at home.




Hello @realblurgh !

I’m so glad your students and children are enjoying using KanoOS! There is a lot you can do with it. Also because it is linux, you can do a lot more with it beyond stuff related to Kano. There are many Raspberry Pi projects that you can find online if you would want to look for some. There are some pretty cool ones! One that I’ve done that I found cool is I turned my Kano kit into an airplay receiver and I could stream music from my iPhone onto my Kano kit. You could find some nifty things on Kano’s blog! https://kano.me/blog <-- there is the link to their blog if you want to take a look!

I hope you have a wonderful day and I hope you enjoy exploring the KanoOS!

~Patrick (DJPMcG on Kano World)