Kano World Update

I haven’t been active for a while on Kano World and I went there earlier today and I was really confused. It says I have no followers and some of my staff picks are up at the top. Some of my really old creations are below them and it says that they were posted a day ago. It also says I have 0 XP and no medals.
Also, if I go to look at mine or someones else’s creations, it will only show the first page and not the next pages even if I click on the numbers. It doesn’t show the most recently created shares and I cant access the creations from my Gmail

Hi @gamester,

There’s a major update been going on since Friday - huge amounts of data moving, and an entirely new build of Kano World that’s faster, and more feature rich.

Please bear with us whilst we iron our the creases… small team, lots of work!

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