Kano won't connect WiFi

I bought two Kano for my kids, none of them is connecting our home WiFi. Its recognizing, but not connecting. I get this message ‘Maybe the signal was too weak to connect’

I sit next to the Router, so the message isn’t true. I feel like returning this product…

Hi @ITPro,

Sorry to hear that your Kano Computer Kit is misbehaving.

Two things to try out:

1 - Update the OS to 4.2 - There was a bug in one of our 3.x OS builds that found its way back into an early 4.x build which caused wifi connection problems - the fastest way to fix this on a new machine is to download the OS onto your main PC/Mac, and burn a fresh SD Card Image - https://help.kano.me/hc/en-us/articles/360001063620-Kano-OS-Reinstalling-Our-Software

2 - Check your WiFi router settings - some people with higher grade/gaming/industrial WiFi routers have reported issues with the Kano Computer Kit not being able to find their router - you may need to add/activate a setting for a standard 2.4ghz wifi connection.

Hope those help


Thanks for the quick response. I will try your 1st solution and see what happens.

It sees the WiFi, but it won’t connect and returns this message “Maybe the signal was too weak to connect”. As I said I sit next to the Router.

The Router has 5GHZ and 2.4 GHZ, both Frequency Bands are active.


Very interesting, I just checked the current OS installed my kids Kano and it says:
Kano OS: Hopper v4.0.0

When I hit Check updater it says “My brain already has the latest bits and bytes - high five”

So, my issue might not be an OS issue!!

Any other advice?

Hey @ITPro,

We’re currently on Kano OS 4.2 - one of the builds that had some issues was 4.0.0, including that it couldn’t tell that there were updates!

You can force an update in terminal by following these instructions:

…go to the Terminal (not Terminal Quest!) in “Apps” or on the Dashboard – and type “sudo apt-get update” then ENTER. If this doesn’t work, type “sudo apt-get upgrade” then ENTER. Default password is “kano.”…

This can take a while, and will be a non starter if you can’t get the Kano Computer to connect to wi-fi - so we’d recommend flashing the SD card with a new image on your PC or Mac - https://help.kano.me/hc/en-us/articles/360001063620-Kano-OS-Reinstalling-Our-Software

Hello again,

I did exactly what you suggested. I went the local Bestbuy store and bought 2 Micro SD card -32GB.

Downloaded the Kano OS. 4.2.1. Now the Kano has OS 4.2.1, but the problem remains the same!. I am getting exact same message "Maybe the signal was too weak to connect”. As I said in my previews posts, I am sitting next my WiFi Router.!

There must be something completely wrong with this product.The price went from $279.99 to $112.99!. I have no choice but to return it. VERY DISAPPOINTED:-(

Please don’t give up on them yet - the help I can give is kinda limited, but our customer care team, who you can reach through https://help.kano.me will be able to offer further guidance.

Side note: I’m not sure why you needed new Micro SD cards @ITPro - was there a problem with the cards that came with the kits?

And wow @ the price you paid… that’s crazy.

Thanks for your response again:-)

I checked that help link you provided https://help.kano.me/hc/en-us/articles/115002073709-

Just to make sure, I gave different name my 2.4GHZ WiFi and that’s what the Kano is picking up, but still won’t connect. I checked the channel and it set to 1.

The reason why purchased new SD card is that the guide you provided says, I need SD card with Black Adapter in order to download the new OS 4.2.1 and that’s what I did:-)

Yes, the price went down big time.



Sorry for not explaining properly - you could have used the card/adapter that came with the Computer Kit.

I’d recommend getting in touch with customer care, as they will have more information that me, and may have encountered this before (and know a fix!).

OMG, I forget to perform basic IT 101 troubleshooting… REBOOOOOOOOT

I rebooted my WiFi Modem and that resolved the issue… Shame on me. I am going to stop the cancellation and keep the product. :silly me :slight_smile: :

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Great to hear that you’re up and running @ITPro :+1:

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Thanks for not giving me up :slight_smile:

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